Charleston has its Standard.

We’re Redefining What That Means.

We’re a collective of minds from around the country bound together by one idea; marketing should not fit in a box. It should be refreshing, exciting, and constantly evolving. It’s social. Follows trends. Listens. Watches. Learns.
Marketing is a constant manifestation of new creations. 

We understand this world, and what makes a brand tick. We are the refreshing breath of air you have been looking for.
They say your business is only as good as the minds behind the operation. We are Holy City Creative. The new standard in branding.


Design is more than just aesthetics. It helps to communicate your brand values, and set you apart from your competitors. Our team will work with you to create your identity. Let’s begin!

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Like people, websites have their own personality. Some are loud, and in your face, some go quietly about their business. How can we replicate your physical presence in the digital world?

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“How many followers do I have? Am I taking too many selfies? More cat pics?” All legitimate questions when talking about social media, but we can go deeper than that. #newbeginnings 

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A picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a million. Having a library of quality media is key. We do studio or location shoots, all including art direction and post production services.

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