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Instagram for the Holidaze


With Christmas being right around the corner, we at Holy City Creative Group decided in order to keep our social media presence relevent, we would need to snap the perfect Instagram pic. We were inspired by a photot we had saw online of a Christmas tree on Folly Beach. We thought, “Hmm, now thats original.” At first we were going to repost the pic and call it a day. But after further thought we realized that if we want to set ourselves apart from the local competition, we should do something more in our lane.

Folly Beach Christmas Tree: Shot by Tami Eberly


After tossing a few ideas around, all good ones of course (the only kind we have) we landed on the idea of tossing a Christmas wreath in a dingy unkept pool. Conveniently HCCG’s Creative Director (Devin Meek, a real stud) had the perfect pool in mind. He lives at an apartment complex which happens to be poorly managed. Over priced community to be honest – but thats neither here, nor there.

The plan originally was to ask the management team for permission to shoot in the pool yard…well like I mentioned…tis poorly managed. You try getting someone on the phone at this time of the season. We had to go rogue. Not the coolest shit we ever did, but the pic had to happen. We agreed that we would need to shoot in the wee hours of the morning. 7am to be exact. And scale the fence that wrapped around the exterior of the pool.



Scaling the fence.

After scaling the fence, we scoped the scenery and began planning. Time was working against us, so we went for it and tossed the wreath in the pool. To our surprise, it did not float. Not even a little bit. It sank almost immediately. We began improvising, like any good creative should. We experimented with he idea of shooting it at the bottom of the pool, with some of the pool debris floating above. It turned out nice, but we just were not completely satisfied. So we played with more ideas.

Sinking in 3..2..1

We almost called it a day with this pic.

We ended up scooping the wreath out from the bottom of the pool and pulling it out of the water. Thats when we had the idea to snap some picks as if the wreath had been discover and was being fished out from the bottom. As if a party had erupted a night before, that got a little out of hand. I think overall we were pretty pleased with the outcome. Take a peak at the final pic, and make sure to follow us on Instagram.

The final product.